We recognize that Research and Development is vital for our survival and growth as a specialty pharmaceutical company thus Aavis mainly focuses on research and development of immediate release and controlled release oral solid that are complex in nature and present competitive barriers to entry.

The breadth of the Company’s technology platforms enables it to have more than one solution for any drug formulation challenge.

We Recommend the following:

Immediate Release Dosage Forms: Traditional immediate release tablet and capsule dosage forms from easy- to difficult-to-formulate drugs.

Bioavailability Enhancement: Improvement in the rate and extent of absorption of insoluble drugs from oral dosage forms.

Orally Disintegrating Tablets: Rapidly disintegrating tablets that can be ingested without water, provides patients with more convenient means.

Taste Masking: Applying taste masking coatings to enhance patient compliance of bitter compounds.

Controlled Release Technologies (CRT): The Company’s CRT allow a range of customized release profiles for oral dosage forms that include.

Sustained Release: The Sustained Release system provides the drug release for an extended period of 8 to 24 hours.

Zero Order Release: The Zero Order Release system provides a constant rate of drug release over a defined period of time.

Delayed Release: The Delayed Release system provides a predetermined time lag before it begins releasing drug molecules.

Pulsatile Release:The Pulsatile Release systems provides an initial quick burst of drug release followed by a predetermined period of no release followed by a second burst of drug release.

Chrono Release: Chrono Release enables a drug to be released such that its effect takes advantage of the circadian rhythms of the human body.