Partner With Aavis


We have partnered with global contract manufacturing company with distinct distribution network and effective sales team and are constantly focusing on exploration and identification of business opportunities to partner with other companies globally, for in-licensing of products that are in accordance with the Company's strategic goals.

Every product of our company is unique in its own way and is thus established with an intention to provide high quality finished products/API with utmost customer satisfaction by conforming to their needs through continuous improvement in products and processes.


Strategically committed to growth and on-going development of its current product portfolio, Aavis seeks to engage in out-licensing with potential global partners with in-depth knowledge of their local market. Since many of our products represent significant market opportunities, we are seeking an alliance with partners who have complementary expertise that can enable us to bring these products within reach of patients in need. We believe that, by out-licensing these opportunities, it significantly reduces the time required to commercialize and market these products on a global scale, thus enabling millions of patients timely access to these products.


Aavis would like to work as contract manufacturing organization maintaining world-class quality standards and delivering innovative products. Building solid partnerships with the clients plays a significant role in the development of our product pipeline and enables us to better serve people who rely on our products.

Based on market conditions and requirement we market a complete range of services with prompt and reliable assistance for all our customers, thereby understanding the significance and knowledge of some local market partners in critical markets.